How to Identify When You Need Bridging and Short Term Finance?

Bridging and short term finance has become a key investment and project facilitating source of finance, assisting borrowers in securing lucrative investment opportunities, often within limited timescales.

In the bridging and short term finance sector, flexibility, fast decisions and reliability on the part of the lender are crucial, as borrowers are often under pressure to complete deals within a very tight deadline. There needs to be a short-term finance lender which both brokers and borrowers can rely on. This is Bridgebank Capital.

Typical scenarios to attain bridging finance:

  • Buy-To-Let
  • Off Market
  • Discounted Purchase
  • Speedy Purchase
  • Restructuring
  • Investment Purchase
  • Equity Release
  • Auction Purchase
  • Property Conversions
  • Mixed-Use Property
  • Refinance
  • Debt Forgiveness

  • Vendor Gifted Deposit
  • Portfolio Growth
  • Property Modernisations
  • Distressed Purchase
  • Business Purchase
  • Planning Enhancement

“It is a popular misconception that bridging finance is complicated and too difficult to get involved with, when the reality is in fact quite the opposite. There is a skill in identifying when bridging finance should be used to benefit clients – and this is where Bridgebank Capital comes in. We can work with you on assessing a set of circumstances, issue a proposal with a firm offer letter and immediately take the pressure off you.”

“Completing a bridging finance deal in itself is not hard at all and should be seen as a solution to a problem, instead of the problem itself”.
Well done – many thanks for your dealings with this case given the short time scales.
Very good company to deal with, don’t make false promises, tell you upfront if case can be done or not.